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Danny Roberts
Danny Roberts is Head of the Hugh Lawson Shearer Trade Union Education Institute, UWI Open Campus and co-chair of the Public Sector Transformation Oversight Committee.

Aritcles by this author:

  • Social Progress Index 2014 done by Michael Porter shows Jamaica, despite having a PPP GDP per capita of US$7083, with a creditable index of 43 out of 132 countries examined.

  • For more than three decades successive governments have promised major transformation of the public sector to make it more efficient and cost effective. Despite minimal success, these efforts have failed to achieve their majour objectives. Now it appears that the domestic and external conditions are aligned to make success possible.

  •  In today’s challenging global environment, fuelled by the worldwide economic recession and weak prospects for sustainable growth, particularly in developing countries, organisations are challenged to find the right mix of solutions to create the competitive edge needed to ensure their survival in the marketplace. Many of these organisations realise that beyond the necessary technological changes they have to make, the newly emerging business paradigm also compels them to be much more creative and innovative. Unfortunately what stands in the way of this much needed change is the ‘unfreezing’ of the inhibiting traditional corporate culture and human behaviour at the workplace.