James Moss-Solomon
April 3, 2017

For our younger readers, Venezuela may only have a distant image comprising oilfields and offshore drilling that many have only seen pictures of. Venezuela’s second image may be the beautiful entrants in Miss World or Miss Universe. In these days of modern air travel there are only three convenient routes; one via Miami; one via Panama; or one via Trinidad.

Maurice L McNaughton
September 30, 2016

Of the five priority Action Areas emerging from the deliberations at the successful IODC 2015 in Ottawa, Canada (i.e., The Charter, Standards, Capacity Building, Measurement, Innovation), the latter—Innovation, otherwise described as the “Problem-Solving” Action Track — is perhaps, the most eclectic and least structured of the areas.

James Moss-Solomon
September 25, 2016

In a previous article in this series I questioned the Business Confidence indices for the first quarter of 2016 that showed a positive jump in confidence. I wondered if this was influenced by the expectation of a General Election, a continuity of the then government, or a change of government. I have no definitive reason only intuition, for deciding between these possible influences, or other random answers. Since then several things have happened that serve to further confuse me.

James Moss-Solomon
September 14, 2016

For those who thought that I was off the scene, think again. I have been observing the unfolding of international events that seem to be heading in a “CatasTrumpic” direction. Before the summer it was impossible to take any conversation in a direction that would even speculate on a Trump victory in the USA’s November elections.

James Moss-Solomon
July 17, 2016

For only the second time in my life I have been delaying sharing my thoughts in a more public way, and in writing, with persons who may have differing views. In both cases the problem is simply damned if I do, and damned by my conscience if I don’t. But in everything there is a responsibility, if only to encourage thought and discussion, towards taking a path that may encounter challenges.


James Moss-Solomon
May 25, 2016

The Holy Bible has references to Nicodemus (a Pharisee and member of the Sanhedrin) coming to have discourse with Jesus in the night. It is indicated that they had some discourse on, and questioning of, the teachings of Jesus, and came reasonably soon after the “cleansing of the Temple with a whip”, an act done by Jesus. But realistically it was not the Temple that was cleansed (meaning that the whip was not a broom), rather it was persons doing wrong deeds that were removed forcibly. These thoughts came to my mind when I realized that President Maduro of Venezuela was paying a hastily arranged visit to Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago that did not follow the usual protocol of an official or State visit.

James Moss-Solomon
May 10, 2016

I would like to follow up the discussion on the growth agenda that has continued to focus on the 5% per annum however that may be defined. The GDP measure is largely one that focuses on consumption and is essentially value-added recognition minus importation rather than a profit figure. It does not take into account whether or not we sell what we produce above or below the cost of production. So revenue growth may not be the same as increased profit. This is article is just an attempt at simplifying the discussion.

James Moss-Solomon
May 1, 2016

Growth, growth, growth, the often repeated slogan/watchword/dream, is again on the lips of every political leader, business leader, and media practitioner and is the topic of the day. This should have been our continual focus for the last 50 years, but alas, it has been squandered as a nine day wonder, and more seriously as a nine night (a common prelude to a burial).

James Moss-Solomon
October 14, 2015

The recent announcements of two sales/takeovers of companies in the markets are significant events with several implications for local and overseas consumers of brewed products. Overseas the conglomeration of the world’s No. 2 by the No. 1 (for 104 Billion) forms a giant array of leading brands in international markets, and locally the world’s No. 3 has taken over our local No.1. The strategies, methods, and philosophies of the deals will be important for understanding and predicting outcomes.