Apr/May 2017 Articles

The relationship between innovation leadership and sustainability at the firm level is examined. The analysis is informed by research into the turn around at one of Jamaica's leading organisations, Jamaica Producers Group (JPG).

It is clear that companies in the Caribbean now have to be innovative and competitive because preferential arangements with countries outside the region have disappeared. Available data highlights the urgent need for collaboration among business organisations and for additional resources to help firms innovate in ways that directly improve sales performance and commercial success.

HealthCare sectors in the Caribbean, are often overwhelmed by the immediate challenges of service delivery – specifically, the provision of an acceptable quality of health care service at a reasonable cost. However policymakers and practitioners should not lose sight of significant innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities being created in Healthcare as a result of the Digital Revolution.

The unavailability of accessible micro-finance for new venture creation has been a challenge in many potential entrepreneurs’ lives. Potential youth entrepreneurs have been given nothing more than a promise of microcredit as they continue to struggle to acquire small loans to invest in their business ideas and/or grow their entrepreneurial ventures

Diasporans (foreign born population and their off-springs maintaining relations to their country of origin) are vital sources of investment, innovation and entrepreneurship illustrated by locations such as Silicon Valley, Berlin, Taiwan and Republic of Korea. Likewise, Jamaican and Caribbean, with large diaspora populations, can also drive more investments from this source into the region given an enabling environment.

For more than three decades successive governments have promised major transformation of the public sector to make it more efficient and cost effective. Despite minimal success, these efforts have failed to achieve their majour objectives. Now it appears that the domestic and external conditions are aligned to make success possible.

The delivery of a superior customer value is essential to financial firms that operate in a competitive marketplace. The firms must therefore create the business experience that satisfies or exceeds the customer’s expectation.

Local Business News

Amazon, which is on the hunt for a second home, said on Thursday that it narrowed its choices to 20 locations from the 238 proposals it received.The online retailer kicked off its hunt for a place to...

Last year, the Jamaican Government raised the tax on cigarettes from $14 to $17 per stick, with the intent of raising $876 million of additional tobacco revenue for the Treasury.But the...

European shipping interests converged at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston last week for the auction of Malta-registered bulk carrier, Trading Fabrizia, at which a Greek shipper scored the...

The developer of the Keystone XL pipeline announced Thursday that it hopes to begin construction next year following an alternative route approved by Nebraska authorities, but an opponent voiced...

The Middle East's largest airline, Emirates, is throwing Airbus a lifeline for its troubled A380 jumbo jet.The carrier said on Thursday that it struck a deal with Airbus to buy 20 of its A380...

China's economy gained steam in 2017, expanding at a 6.9 per cent pace in 2017 in its first annual increase in seven years, according to data released on Thursday that exceeded economists' forecasts and...

Completion of the first phase of The Orchards will miss its February deadline, but the developer says it's already sold out, and is about to start marketing the next set of residences to be...

One year after its most recent merger, the Community & Workers of Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union Limited, C&WJCCU, is reporting a 300 per cent increase in profit, and a $1 billion increase in assets...

Diversified food manufacturer Seprod Limited is pumping up to US$40 million or approximately $5 billion into a new venture to produce palm oil in Jamaica with plans to build a new processing plant and establish a network of farmers to grow palm trees commercially and sell the fruits to the company for crushing...

Seprod Limited has advised that it conducted a transfer of shares that shifted ownership of diary assets directly to itself from large shareholder Musson Jamaica.The transaction occurred on January 1, 2018, where...

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alicemoi/Getty Images Why is that some companies have great heads of strategy who make an outstanding contribution to their companies while others don’t? To answer this question, we evaluated a sample of 55 different heads of strategy and looked more closely at 11 who were particularly successful and 10 who were at the other end of the spectrum. Here’s what we learned.
Zelma Brezinska/EyeEm/Getty Images One of the big challenges in both expanding the number of Americans with health care coverage and keeping premiums affordable for people with chronic or serious illnesses has been persuading young and healthy adults to obtain policies. Critics argue that the new U.S.

Executive Insights

June 28, 2017

The concept of climate change is again a very topical issue. Jamaica has had two recent bouts with heavy rains that have emphasized previously known areas of hazards, and have identified totally new areas that were previously overlooked or were dormant. The estimates of damages are not yet final, and even due diligence will not capture undocumented losses of agriculture, livestock, or illegal housing. Therefore the potential losses will continue as mere replacement does not necessarily equal enhanced restoration.

April 3, 2017

For our younger readers, Venezuela may only have a distant image comprising oilfields and offshore drilling that many have only seen pictures of. Venezuela’s second image may be the beautiful entrants in Miss World or Miss Universe. In these days of modern air travel there are only three convenient routes; one via Miami; one via Panama; or one via Trinidad.

September 25, 2016

In a previous article in this series I questioned the Business Confidence indices for the first quarter of 2016 that showed a positive jump in confidence. I wondered if this was influenced by the expectation of a General Election, a continuity of the then government, or a change of government. I have no definitive reason only intuition, for deciding between these possible influences, or other random answers. Since then several things have happened that serve to further confuse me.

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September 30, 2016

Of the five priority Action Areas emerging from the deliberations at the successful IODC 2015 in Ottawa, Canada (i.e., The Charter, Standards, Capacity Building, Measurement, Innovation), the latter—Innovation, otherwise described as the “Problem-Solving” Action Track — is perhaps, the most eclectic and least structured of the areas.

September 15, 2015

No matter what source you subscribe to, the numbers are staggering, when one considers the potential economic value of open data. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates approximately US$3 trillion value potential across 7 domains. The Warsar Institute for Economic Studies projects a contribution of €205 billion annually to the European Union. An Omidyar Network study suggests open data impact for the G20 countries could be US$2.6 trillion per annum or 1.1% of GDP. What does this mean for small developing countries like Jamaica?..

March 10, 2014

The expression "Innovation at the periphery", has become more popular in the last few years and perhaps even over-used in several contexts. It describes technological innovations in seemingly remote geographical regions. It promotes the "skunkworks" innovation that takes place within an enterprise, but outside of mainstream R&D centres. It highlights indigenous frugal innovations that emerge out of developing country contexts, whose global adoption reverse the accepted convention of North-South technology transfer.